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Your groups’ primary purpose

“Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.”

Tradition 5

Are you looking for a way for your group to better fulfil it’s primary purpose? There are practical measures within a group. Some groups encourage members to avoid their mates straight after the meeting. How easy it is to gravitate towards a friend after the meeting to discuss the footy, or work, or your new home. Meanwhile there’s a newcomer, desperate for hope. It rings true that AA meetings aren’t social clubs. We are a fellowship of alcoholics in action.

Another way to carry the message is to join your district. Getting involved in district allows groups to engage in a coordinated effort to carry the message of AA. Being granted a new freedom and happiness through AA, we are compelled to help still suffering alcoholics to reinforce this personal freedom. Service is freedom. In a sense, service is a selfish endeavour, because the person serving experiences freedom. Nominate your GSR at your next group conscience. The GSR will be the conduit between your group, and the district. Once elected, the GSR can provide further service opportunities to other members of the group. It might be providing information on AA to a local community centre, or flyers to a doctor.

The coordinated effort of public information through a district enables us to better carry the message. We can better cover our bases. We can see what areas have been missed. Some suffering alcoholics have access to treatment, subsequently learning of AA through a rehab or detox. Some do not. Let’s do our part to help the still suffering alcoholic.

See you on the front line.