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Report: North West Melbourne PHN Practice Managers’ Conference

On Thursday March 30, 2017, Inner City District members participated in the Northwest Melbourne Primary Health Network’s conference for medical practice managers at Melbourne’s’ Jasper Hotel. The conference included a small expo area with about a dozen stands, including AA’s. With at least 2 members to talk to attendees at any one time, we interacted with the vast majority of medical practice managers, 25 of whom provided details for future PI contact.

Attendees seemed very interested in learning more about AA – who we are and what we do. Some seemed to think we were employees of AA, and became quite curious to learn we were in fact alcoholics and members. Most conversations lasted for several minutes or more and led to much literature being taken, including A4 posters, business cards, information packs for potential members and postcards for professionals.

Thank you to all members who made the time to carry a positive AA message to a critical audience in our fellowship’s PI landscape.

Derek R

Postcards for Professionals

One of the resources available for groups is postcards for health and other professionals. Designed to be a cross between a business card and a flyer, they contain some basic information about AA and what we do in the hope of dispelling some of the myths the professional community may have about our organisation, as well as contact details and an opportunity for the individual member to provide their own contact details should they wish.


Postcard front


Postcard back